Coty New Product Development


Create and introduce a fragrance concept that fits in the Coty brand portfolio.



Craft embodies the concept of customized fragrance layering. Tapping into personalization and immersive experiences, fragrances in the Craft collection can be blended together to create a new custom fragrance with every combination, everyday. When the Craft customer walks into a room they peak the curiosity of those around them with their intriguing and mysterious scent.



Craft features seven scent categories. Each category contains three scents; a head, a heart, and a bottom scent. The scents will be sold in combinations of three or six. The consumer has the option to mix scents from differing categories or choose from the recommended scent pairings to build their collection. The scent customization process is seamless with the help of Craft’s fragrance wheel pairer. Much like a color wheel, opposite fragrances are best when paired together.  

The three or six individual scents can be worn separately or layered together depending on the strength and type of scent desired. This allows the consumer to customize their scent profile depending on their mood or occasion. No person is limited to one style. Craft gives the wearer the power of customization everyday.



The fragrances within the Craft collection are a Huile de Parfum, meaning they are twenty-five percent essential oil and alcohol-free, making them a great option for sensitive skin. Additionally, each will be infused with Coty’s patented sweat and water resistant technology for longer wear.



Customized beauty is vastly growing and changing the consumer landscape. Each fragrance in Coty’s brand portfolio is backed by a luxury brand name. As more and more consumers desire customization versus well-known brands the market need for it increasingly expands. Fragrance customization has not yet been penetrated by any major fragrance players, therefore, the first major company to it will acquire the most market share. By introducing a new product and targeting a new market, Coty is able to diversify its brand portfolio without cannibalizing Coty’s current market share in luxury branded fragrance.



  1. Consumer research and identification of market opportunity
  2. Package design and product mockups
  3. Company research and competitive analysis